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When you think about financial security, which of these comes to mind first?

In your opinion what is more important to you? (choose one)

What plan(s) do you currently have in place, other than your Plan A, that is going to help you achieve your answer to the previous question?

Can you guess how much extra monthly income most people say would significantly relieve their financial pressures?

Do you have a retirement account set up?

Have you ever purchased anything online resulting in currency exchange?

What is your opinion on Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin?

Have you ever been interested in becoming an entrepreneur or having complete financial freedom?

Do you know what a passive income stream is? Do you have one?

If you won 100,000, what would you use it for?

Do you prefer to do things yourself or pay a professional to complete the task?

When you are researching a topic, what do you prefer?

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